Stretched Ears


GENERATION 4 (New for 2015!)

Past versions: Generation 1 | Generation 2 | Generation 3

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System Changes & Additions

  • All new high-detailed ear mesh available in: Naked Ears, Pierced Ears, or Stretched Ears.

  • Updated HUD with quick-change integration

  • "Quick Change" integration allows you to instantly switch between an ear style or a new gauge size without removing your ears!!

  • 3 ear styles added: Original, Prominent, & Formal.

  • "Ear Styles" change the shape of the actual ear mesh, allowing you to pick between 3 different ear meshes

  • 20 skin textures custom matched to today's hottest skins

  • Piercing sets with baked metal textures on or off

  • Ear tattoos added. On or off

  • Hue and Saturation tweaker replaced with RGB value input

  • Poser with custom pose anim


A very special thank you to the following people who have donated their time to translating these documents:

Aeon Perian | Romanian

Cristiana Silverweb | Finnish

Jaden Jinx | German + Turkish

Jhonathan Zapatero | Spanish

Kere Millar | Italian

Lars Bleak | Norwegian

Margot Muhindra | French

Ponyo Kozloz | Portuguese

Uriah Eulenberg | Japanese

If you would like contribute a language, please e-mail us at AITUIHELP (at) YAHOO (dot) COM

What We Do

Popular company working with the Second Life™ platform to deliver HQ content. AITUI™ specializes in tattoos and innovative stretched ear work. We also do accessories and men's clothing.

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