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Athena Loring, CSR


We strive to respond within 8-12 hours

If you are contacting about a missing item, please click on the "Self Help" redelivery terminal links to the right. If you have already tried that and need further assistance, or if you are contacting us regarding another concern, please message our Official CSR rep, Athena Loring, in SL.

Messages sent to our designer accounts will be ignored.


Self Help

Redelivery Terminals

Missing an item? All you need to do is teleport to one of our redelivery terminals and click on the machine. Please refrain from asking us to redeliver items for you.

Item Updates

If you have noticed we have updated an item that you have previously purchased, simply click on one of our redelivery terminals and send the item back into your inventory, you will instantly have the newest version ☺

What We Do

Popular company working with the Second Life™ platform to deliver HQ content. AITUI™ specializes in tattoos and innovative stretched ear work. We also do accessories and men's clothing.

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Show Yourself!

We'd love to see what you are doing with AITUI™ products! Show yourself in the AITUI™ Flickr™ Group by adding your photos to the pool.

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All business inquiries should be directed to our CSR, Athena Loring


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