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A pioneer in tattoo and innovative stretched ear work, AITUI™ has remained a trusted brand since 2006.

AITUI™ offers exclusive content made especially for the brand. Items available from AITUI™ are found nowhere else on the grid.* Templates are never used or sold.

...This is our standard!

*This guarantee does not include some tattoos, which may be derived from real world flash work.

Currently working on a low-prim fast-rezzing shopping experience with all-new tattoos!

-Jesseaitui Petion, Founder

News & Events

14th Novemer 12

New job openings posted!

25th September 11

AITUI Blogger Bonus Programme has been launched!

22nd September 11

New Anti-Hate crimes, Neck, and Head tattoos!

17th September 11

Wear your AITUI group tag for 10% credit back on all purchases!

What We Do

Over 5 years strong!
Popular company working with the Second Life™ platform to deliver content creation. AITUI™ specializes in men's avatar items consisting of clothing, hair, and skins; as well as unisex tattoo and stretched ear work.

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